Leak Confirms Iris Scanner For Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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It would certainly appear that a recently leaked photo for the front panel of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, if authentic, has the new device (expected to be announced in early August) in possession of the first iris scanner from Samsung to compliment its biometric unlocking aspirations that could see the fingerprint scanner become passe technology.

Like all leaks, we just don’t know but photo of Galaxy Note 7 looks authentic

Android Authority likes to call @OnLeaks its “exclusive leaker” and @OnLeaks has been spot on target in the past. Like all leaks, they could be mocked-up, a red herring, or simply a piece to a knockoff or a future model, but this one looks pretty legitimate. Like all rumors and leaks, this latest find should be taken with a grain of salt, but @OnLeaks deserves some credit for past finds and catches.

While @Onlealks gave no mention of where this piece was found, the front panel of the device looks like it should be the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which nearly everyone is convinced will soon be on offer. Samsung skipped straight ahead to the Galaxy Note 7 from the Galaxy Note 5 skipping the “6” altogether but this would make sense given the success of the Galaxy S7 and the fact that Apple will likely be releasing the iPhone 7 in September of this year. “Lucky Number 7” has panned out well for the South Korean company already this year, though it should be said that expectations for the iPhone 7 are far from reaching the clouds.

Apple is expected to present a minor overhaul to the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 Plus this season, with major upgrades slated for next year when it also hops straight ahead to the iPhone 8 rather than producing an “S” version of the expected iPhone 7 that is already disappointing ahead of an actual unveiling by the company.

Talk of an iris scanner for the Galaxy 7 Note began with a patent application filed by Samsung. And now this link has shown a front panel with more cutouts than the flagship Galaxy S7 suggesting that it will indeed ship with and iris scanner.

In addition to the iris scanner, it looks as thought the Galaxy Note 7 will ship with a 5.8-inch Quad HD screen powered by no less that 6GB or RAM with an array of cameras that will be fed by a massive battery given the size of the handset that puts it firmly in the “phablet” range.

Samsung Galaxy 7 Note on August 2?

The aforementioned patent application filed by Samsung gave the appearance that the company felt it needed three lenses to make an iris scanner work and that is exactly what we see from the leaked photos, and those lenses are located above the display just where the application had them located. It appears, that to accommodate these lenses, Samsung has been forced to banish its name (logo) from the front panel.

In addition to all the other bells and whistles its expected that the Galaxy 7 Note will still ship with a stylus and likely have a curbed AMOLED display that is sure to wow users that do a lot of work on phones of this size.

If Samsung can truly “wow” with the Galaxy Note 7 expect Apple to get a bit nervous ahead of the iPhone 7 unveiling and potential customers to give a serious look at the Samsung Galaxy line of flagship offerings.

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