Galaxy Note 7 In India: Price, Pre-order, Colors Availability

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Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 7 at its Unpacked event in New York last week and quickly went on to tell the world that it was going to have a separate launch event in India on August 11. However, prior to that launch, you may still have some questions about the handset, so in this article, I am going to talk about the price, colors and more.

Galaxy Note 7 price

At this moment in time, all we have to go on are rumors, but it is safe to assume that the handset will be available for somewhere between Rs 60,000 and Rs 80,000, depending on where you purchase it.

As for there being more than one model, there were rumors going around last week about the Chinese market getting a souped-up version that will be more expensive than the other, but these rumors have still not been verified. As a result, it’s believed that India will get the same model as the U.S. and Europe.

Galaxy Note 7 colors

As it stands, I have been told nothing that makes me believe that the Galaxy Note 7 will be available in India with different color options than in Europe and the U.S. So that means the handset will be available in blue coral, which is a color that stands out when coupled with the handset’s unique design.

Then there is the default choice of black, which is somewhat understated when compared to the blue-black offering found on the Galaxy Note 5. Next, there is silver, which follows on from devices with a similar design from Samsung’s S7 range; however, on the Note 7, the color seems to take on a life of its own by picking up the colors of the objects around it.


Assuming that the Galaxy Note 7 that will be available in India will be the same as the one for sale in the U.K. and the U.S., the specs should be identical, and here is how it compares to the previous phone in that range, the Note 5:

Galaxy Note 7 Vs Note 5 Specs


At this time there do not seem to be any retailers who have begun to promote preorders for the Galaxy Note 7, and I assume that is because the phone will not go on sale until sometime in early September.

We will now have to wait for the launch event to find out more. What color Galaxy Note 7 will you be getting?

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