Galaxy Note 7 (Aka Note 6) Will Feature Dual Cameras

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Later in the year Samsung is due to launch its next big flagship smartphone the Galaxy Note 7, which if it sticks to tradition should be called the Note 6. Even though, recent rumors have given rise to some doubt about the next big phablet from Samsung, new rumors are now emerging which focus on the so called Galaxy Note 7 and what features it may have.

Galaxy Note 7 – Dual Camera?

One of the latest rumors surrounding the handset is its likely hood to feature a dual camera, this rumor comes straight from China (No surprise there then!) and to more specific The site suggests that Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SEMCO) could be developing a dual camera system, which will make its debut on the Galaxy Note 7 or Galaxy Note 7 Edge.

So is Samsung about to jump on the dual camera bandwagon? It could certainly be called that, due to the fact that other Android handset manufacturers have embraced the dual camera method. Huawei’s P9 and the LG G5 have dual camera’s and it has been heavily speculated that the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus could feature such a camera set up.

As for what the dual lenses will do on the 5.8-inch Galaxy Note 7, its considered that they will probably perform similar tasks as they do on the LG G5: Ones lens works for micros shots and the second for panoramic images from a distance.

What about Specs?

Are we talking about the Galaxy Note 6 or the Galaxy Note 7? To be honest who know’s! We won’t know anything for 100% certain until Samsung decides to spill the beans. However, what I can tell you about is some specs that where rumored for the the handset with the number 6 and now look to be (according to rumors) being carried across the latest phablet.

To start with the handset will be huge, at 5.8-inches it would be one of Samsung’s largest smartphones ever! Exciting news coming from the rumor mill suggest it could have a 4K display and be able to handle over 800ppi. If that emerges to be true then Samsung must have some serious virtual reality plans in store for the Galaxy Note 7, something that I personally as a Note owner would love to see.

As for its processor again this is a rumor so read it with a pinch of salt, but a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU is being touted as the powerhouse inside it and to accompany that a huge 6GB of RAM will help to make the handset super quick no matter what a user throws at it.

Moving on to storage options, like Apple and its rumored minimum storage upgrade Samsung will also ditch the usual minimum 16GB in favour of offering a base model Galaxy Note 7 32GB. This new variant could also be accompanied by a Galaxy Note 7 256GB offering.

When will it Arrive?

Previous rumors have suggested that we will get to see the Galaxy Note 7 at an Unpacked event in August. And @evleaks reporter Evan Blass has stirred the rumor some more by narrowing down the launch date to the first week of August.

Galaxy Note 7 Launch rumor

So that’s it for now, but I and others here at Valuewalk will keep you updated on everything related to the Galaxy Note and everything that is said about it.

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