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Galaxy Note 6: Will It Look Same As Galaxy S7?

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Samsung has been a genuine innovator in the smartphone marketplace over the last few years, and one area where it has made a particular investment has been that of accessorising. The Korean corporation has invested a significant amount of effort in ensuring that its smartphone accessories are more useful and quite simply superior to the competition. Thus, we have seen the emergence of such features as wireless chargers and keyboard accessories as Samsung attempts to keep its flagship Galaxy range competitive.

Galaxy Note 6 New accessories

And the latest reports on the forthcoming Galaxy Note 6 suggest that Samsung will ensure that the phablet is armed with the same accessories that it included with the Galaxy S7 earlier this year. Many Android fans are looking forward immensely to the release of the Galaxy Note 6, as the flagship phablet of the Korean electronics giant has arguably been its standout device in recent years.

Samsung’s latest two smartphones officially support five products from the so-called G Grace series, namely an LED wallet case, a leather cover case, a screen protector, an S View cover case, and a backpack battery. Owners of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge will also benefit in the foreseeable future from a P Grace lens cover and a P Grace S View cover case.

And reports indicate that all of these accessories will duly be made available for the Galaxy Note 6 once this phablet hits the stores. Samsung certainly hasn’t confirmed any information regarding when this is likely to be, but intelligent estimates suggest that Samsung may push the release date of the Galaxy Note 6 forward this year. This would mean that the phablet could arrive in late July or early August.

Lens cover delay

One aspect of these new accessories worth noting is that there is a doubt over the lens cover, at least at the time of the release of the Galaxy Note 6. The reason for this is that the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge versions of this peripheral have yet to be made available despite the fact that they were announced over two months ago. One would hope that they will be on the market from day one when the Galaxy Note 6 is released, but this must be somewhat uncertain considering the experience that Samsung has had with the Galaxy S7.

The Galaxy Note 6 will be a massive phablet release for Samsung, as the Korean corporation attempts to continue its rehabilitation in the smartphone marketplace. After a challenging couple of years, Samsung has begun to rehabilitate its reputation with recent device releases, shifting the company back into profitability. The Galaxy Note 6 will play a particularly important role in this continuing process, as the Galaxy Note series has been the most revered of Samsung products since the release of the Galaxy Note Edge.

In recent years, the Galaxy Note 6 has played a particularly valuable role for Samsung as being a testing ground for some of its more innovative technology and new specifications. This process is set to continue with the Galaxy Note 6, with analysts believing that Samsung may take a few chances with the phablet and really arm it with some impressive specs.


Central to this will be the display in the forthcoming phablet, with many reports indictating that Samsung will include its first ever 4K resolution display when the Galaxy Note 6 is released. There have been some disagreements in this area, with some analysts believing that Samsung will instead stick to quad HD this time out, possibly focusing on slightly increasing the size of the display instead.

So the screen in the Galaxy Note 6 could be as large as six-inches, although a small increase to 5.8-inches is also possible. According to a recent report, the Galaxy Note 6 will feature a slim RGB AMOLED display when it hits the market.

Processor and memory

Samsung will continue the policy it has adopted with some of its previous device releases when the Galaxy Note 6 emerges, with different geographical regions receiving different models of the smartphone. It is expected that the version of the Galaxy Note 6 intended for the Western marketplace will be powered by the Snapdragon 820, while the proprietary Exynos 8890 will be favored in East Asia.

In order to add to the impressive power of this phablet still further, it has been suggested in some quarters that the Galaxy Note 6 will feature a staggering 8GB of RAM. This would double the quotient included in the Galaxy Note 5, and thus the suggestions of some analysts that 6GB is probable may be more likely.

Micro SD reinstated

Samsung had removed its expandable storage option from the Galaxy Note range last year, but having reinstalled this with the Galaxy S7, it is strongly anticipated that the Galaxy Note 6 will follow suit later this year and bring back micro SD.


With this in mind, it is possible that the Galaxy Note 6 could offer an extremely impressive quantity of storage in its premium model. Some reports suggest that the Galaxy Note 6 will have as much as 256GB of internal storage, and if micro SD is added into the mix, this could be an extremely impressive smartphone in this department.

S Pen

It has also been reported that Samsung will upgrade the stylus that it includes in the Galaxy Note range when the Galaxy Note 6 is released. The Korean corporation has already filed a patent application with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for a unique S Pen design that delivers dual functionality. This new innovation enables that the stylus to be bent mid-way in order to be converted into a stand. This could see the light of day for the first time when the Galaxy Note 6 is released.


Finally, the camera in the Galaxy Note 6 has been linked with a wide range of impressive specifications, including super optical image stabilization, a feature delivering a 20 percent improvement in camera stability when taking pictures in darker conditions, while dual-pixel is expected to migrate from the Galaxy S7.

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