Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Could Have Power Of Notebook

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The Korean tech giant is reportedly finalizing the specs for its flagship Galaxy Note 6 phablet, and they make for impressive reading.

Samsung is reportedly thinking about making the new smartphone as powerful as a notebook computer. While smartphone’s have been selling with increasing amounts of RAM and more powerful processors, the Galaxy Note 6 could blow the competition out of the water.

Summer release for new Samsung phablet

It is rumored that the Galaxy Note 6 will be released around July in order to steal a march on the Apple iPhone 7, which is scheduled for launch in September. Other rumors suggest that Samsung is currently developing two versions of its new phablet.

The first is reportedly a standard flat-screen version, while the second is a curved display unit. Samsung previously released an edged screen version of the Note 4, but then did away with the practice in the Note 5.

However the company did introduce curved screens to the Galaxy S series, which has curved edges on both sides. However fans of the Note phablet have said that the edged screen adds little to the device, which is known as a workhorse for power users looking to boost their productivity.

Galaxy Note 6 could be as powerful as notebook PC

Aside from rumored design changes it looks like the new Note 6 could have some impressive power. In terms of processors it is rumored that the smartphone will ship with an Exynos or Snapdragon 823 SoC processor, depending on the market.

Alongside these impressive processing units it is thought that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 could have 6 GB RAM, which would put it on par with high-spec PCs on the market right now. Never before has such a large amount of RAM been included on a smartphone.

However last month Vivo announced that its Xplay 5 would pack in 6 GB RAM. The Chinese brand also said that the new smartphone would have curved-edged screen on both sides.

Another 6GB RAM smartphone was announced last week by Zuk, which is owned by Lenovo. The Zuk Z2 Pro will ship with 6GB RAM and a Snapdragon 820 chipset.

Improved battery life would be a boon for users

It looks as though the Galaxy Note 6 will be rated IP68 for its waterproof and dustproof qualities. The Galaxy S7 received a similar rating and can survive for up to 30 minutes in water up to 1 meter deep.

Other rumors point to the inclusion of a larger battery pack on the Galaxy Note 6, which could reach 4,000 mAh. This compares favorably to the existing 3,000 mAh unit on the Galaxy S7.

Smartphone battery life is a regular complaint from users, but it is thought that the new battery could last up to 48 hours. Obviously that depends on the type of usage that you put it through, but it’s still an impressively large battery.

The new phablet will also reportedly include a USB Type-C port and support for Google’s new Android N operating system, which is due to be unveiled on May 18.

Some reports also claim that the Note 6 could ship with an iris scanner, as well as a fingerprint scanner. Rumors regarding the camera point to the fact that the Note 6 will have a 12 megapixel rear camera with dual-pixel technology.

If the Note 6 does ship with such an impressive set of features it could turn out to be the iPhone killer that Samsung has wanted for so long.

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