Will Samsung Launch Galaxy Note 6 At June 2 Event?

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Tomorrow the 2nd of June at 5PM, will see Samsung host its latest event in New York City, and the invite that has been sent out does not provide any clues at to what Samsung may be announcing there. However, new products that will more than likely be announced are the Gear Fit 2 and the Icon X wireless earbuds. These products are more likely according to rumors than a Galaxy Note 6 or even a Galaxy Note 7, which is surprising to say the least.

Will Samsung Launch Galaxy Note 6 At June 2 Event?

Galaxy Note 6 Rumors

The Galaxy Note 6 just like the iPhone 7 has been the unwanting recipient of some of the most fearsome speculation about a smartphone I or almost anyone else has seen in smartphone history. However in an extremely recent twist ET News reported that the Galaxy Note 6 could be in for a name change. As it looks as though Samsung could have decided to miss out a generation and jump straight to the Galaxy Note 7!

Dual Edge Design

According to the rumors, the name change could be due to Samsung wanting to apply a dual-edge design to its new phablets. This Samsung surmises will mean that they look as appealing as possible to new customers. The report from ET News also indicated that this new Galaxy Note 6 usurper could be launched at some-point in the 2nd half of this year.

Galaxy Note 7

No word as of yet has come directly from Samsung, so these Galaxy Note 6 becoming the Galaxy Note 7 rumors are just that and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Fingers crossed, we may hear something official at tomorrows event in New York.

However, there is one school of thought, which makes sense regarding this name change rumor. And that has to do with how customers perceive the Galaxy Note range. According to a leaked report in May, Samsung has become concerned that whilst its S series handsets are currently in their 7th iteration. The Galaxy Note range is in its 6th. And the fact that the Note range is one number behind the likes of the S7 could mean that potential customers may think this means those handsets are inferior.

Samsung (According to the rumors) see’s this as its chance to rectify this potential problem, it doesn’t want to be seen to be actively promoting one range above the other. So changing names from the Galaxy Note 6 to the Galaxy Note 7 is the simplest and most effective approach.

A Note with Edge?

Moving back on to other rumors, Samsung could be about to do what it has failed to do since 2014. And that’s give the (we’ll stick with what we know for now) the Galaxy Note 6 an Edge! Based on a listing seen from the Zauba import site in May, it revealed a part called a metal mask entered India.

This part had the model number SM-N935G, no one knows for sure what that means, but if the past is anything to go on the Galaxy S7 Edge had the model number SM-G935. This has led many to believe that the “935” indicates an EDGE display.

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