Samsung Warns Galaxy Note 5 Owners About Stylus Pen

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Samsung is set to introduce warning labels on its Galaxy Note 5 warning users not to insert the stylus the wrong way round.

An investigation previously revealed that putting the stylus in the wrong way would permanently damage the device, and Samsung has responded by putting warning labels on the packaging, reports Tech Times.

Samsung sticks warning labels on Galaxy Note 5

The warning will now be fixed to the screen protector attached to all new Galaxy Note 5 devices. Stylus insertion was not a problem on previous editions of the Galaxy Note because Samsung made one end of the S Pen stylus larger than the other.

Samsung introduced a different S Pen for the Galaxy Note 5 which can damage the pen detection mechanism if it is inserted backwards. The danger is that stylus features could be made useless.

The unfortunate design flaw could significantly reduce the functionality of an otherwise excellent device. In order to head off criticism Samsung has started printing warning labels on its packaging, which was first noticed by YouTube user J. Williams.

Users come up with quick and easy fix for stuck S Pens

The label appears directly above the screen, making it hard to miss. There may still be a minority of users who forget about the warning and damage their phone, but at least the move should reduce any future criticism.

It would be surprising if Samsung doesn’t introduce a new design for future versions of the Galaxy Note which would once again make it impossible for the stylus to be inserted the wrong way. Until a fix is introduced it is probably advisable for Galaxy Note 5 owners to keep a close eye on their stylus and not lend their phone to strangers.

If you have inserted your stylus the wrong way and found that it is now stuck inside your device, there is an easy fix. YouTube channel How2Tech has a guide to using a sheet of paper to trick the detection sensor and allow the removal of a stuck S Pen.

Simply insert a 6-inch long, 0.2-inch wide piece of paper along the upper side of your S Pen, until it reaches the end of the holding bay. This will trick the device into releasing the previously stuck stylus.

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