Galaxy Note 5 Stylus Has a Serious Design Flaw [Video]

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The S Pen stylus in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 lets you do amazing things with ease. But the Korean electronics giant seems to have missed out on a serious design flaw in the Note 5 stylus. The Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ went for sale just a few days ago. And now folks at Android Police have discovered that inserting the S Pen blunt-end first could cause irreparable damage.

You are highly likely to insert the stylus the wrong way in Galaxy Note 5

Previous versions of the Galaxy Note also featured a stylus. But they only fit in the slot point first. If you inserted it blunt-end first, it required considerable force to push them in. That way, users immediately realized that they were inserting it the wrong way. But it’s a whole different story with the Galaxy Note 5 stylus. The new stylus is the same size and shape all the way down its length.

So, the stylus could be pushed into the device as easily the right way as the wrong way. The Galaxy Note 5 doesn’t offer any physical resistance to warn users that they are inserting it the wrong way. This makes even more difficult for users to realize the mistake until the damage is done. A uniform symmetry and no physical resistance mean at least some users will insert the stylus blunt-end first by accident.

If you push the S Pen in the Galaxy Note 5 the wrong way, it gets stuck in the device without even clicking into place. If you try to remove it, it could permanently damage the S Pen detection mechanism of the phone. That means features like quickly taking notes when the screen is off, and automatically accessing the stylus’ radial menu don’t work.

A serious blow to the Galaxy Note 5

Android Police said that the stylus detection feature was permanently damaged after its tests. Ars Technica tried to replicate the same experiment, but they were able to eventually remove the stylus and restore its functionality. However, it’s highly likely that some users would insert the S Pen the wrong way up, and risk damaging the new functions.

It could deal a serious blow to the Galaxy Note 5. Samsung fans are already disappointed by the lack of expandable storage, removable battery, and 128GB storage option. The phone has also failed to impress the Wall Street.


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