Galaxy Note 4: Samsung Teases The Phablet In New Ad

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Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 4 at the Unpacked Event on September 3. The Korean company has been teasing the new phone and its features in a series of ads lately. On August 25, the company teased S Pen stylus of Galaxy Note 4 in a video ad. In the past, Samsung has also teased the eye scanner technology and the powerful Exynos processor in promotional videos.

Galaxy Note 4 ads similar to those of iPhone 5C in creative strategy

The company came up with a somewhat nonsensical ad on Thursday. It shows the kind of lifestyle you’ll lead if you buy the Galaxy Note 4. The one-minute video doesn’t relate or reference to the Galaxy Note 4 except a few points. ‘Go Big’ hints at a bigger screen. The Note 4 is expected to sport 5.7-inch QHD display. The video is called “Ready to Note?” And in the end, there is a brief glimpse of a stylus tapping on a phablet.

Except these things, the ad shows cool urban creatives living culturally rich lives, with a Mos Def song in the background. According to Apple Insider, the ad is too similar to Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s ads for iPhone 5C in creative strategy. The iPhone 5C ads also had whimsical hipsters living colorful lives. But things get more interesting with one of the ads Samsung released on Tuesday.

Why did Samsung remove one of the Galaxy Note 4 videos?

Three days ago, the South Korean company released seven promotional videos for its Galaxy Note 4. But Samsung has removed one of them after Apple Insider wrote a scathing review of the ad. Business Insider reached out to Samsung for an explanation, but is yet to hear back. The ad in question stars Mark Hunter, the man behind the ‘Cobra Snake’ fashion brand. Apple Insider called it as being “sexist or simply ignorant.”Galaxy video disappear

The ad shows Mark Hunter operating a curiosity shop “inspired by a 90’s teenager’s bedroom.” His Galaxy Note phablet is his “life companion.” And then Hunter states, “If my Note was [sic] a person, it would be like a super organized secretary, it would be like, really sexy… short skirt… you know.”

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