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Top 10 Ways To Have Fun With Google Search

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The developers at Google are known for their quirky sense of humor. Much of this reputation derives from the hundreds of “Easter Eggs” the Google programmers have included in its applications. Google Easter eggs can take various forms, such as funny images, widgets or other bits of interactive code, but many of the funniest surprises have been left by the Google Search team.

All you have to do is type the bolded terms below into the Google Search bar and let the fun and games begin!

Google Search

Fun with Google search – Askew

If you type “askew” in the Google Search bar, then your entire screen will suddenly tilt down and to the right.

Do a barrel roll

Don’t type “do a barrel roll” into the search bar unless you’ve got a strong stomach, because doing so immediately leads to a 360 degree flip of the page you are viewing. Typing in “z or r twice” will create the  same effect (taken from an older video game named Star Fox).


Not too surprisingly, typing <blink> into the Google Search bar leads to every instance of the world “google” on the page starting to blink.

Zerg rush

When you type “Zerg rush” into the search box and hit enter you get a wave of little Google “o”s swarming across and eating the text on your page. Of note, Zerg rush was a tactic used by Zerg players in the late 90s video game StarCraft, which meant the sending many waves of inexpensive units to overwhelm an opponent

Top 10 Ways To Have Fun With Google Search

Atari Breakout

Typing “Atari Breakout” into the Google search box leads to a nostalgic flashback for most people older than 45, as they actually remember the classic (if a bit primitive) video game Breakout.

Super Mario Bros

Speaking of classic video games, if you are nostalgic for the sound of the coin collection chime in Super Mario Bros, then just type the name of the game into the search box, and click on the question box that flashes below images of the original 1985 game. Click on the blinking question box and you will be rewarded with the serotonin-producing Super Mario Bros coin chime.

Flip a coin

If you ever need to flip a coin, but find yourself coinless, just enter “flip a coin”, and you’re in business.

Google Search

Roll a die

Ditto for rolling a die. I mean who carries around a die these days? Just type “roll a die” into the Google Search bar, and voila, you’ve got your random number.

Google in 1998

The Google team definitely seems to be fond of flashbacks. All you have to do is type in “Google in 1998” and the venerable search engine will give you a visual reminder of what it was like to surf the web almost two decades ago.


Almost all programmers love puns and similar play on words, and the Google team is no exception. If you search for “recursion”, the app asks “Did you mean recursion”, and when you click on it, it asks you if you meant “recursion” (ie, you come back to the exact same page every time you click).

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