Foxconn Insider Shares Details On iPhone 8, Siri Speaker, Apple AR Glasses

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There is no shortage of iPhone 8 leaks on the Internet. Now a Foxconn employee with inside information on Apple’s upcoming products has dumped almost everything in a Reddit thread. Reddit user Foxconninsider has posted information about the iPhone 8, iPhone 7S, Siri Speaker, Apple’s AR smart glasses, and MacBooks just days before Apple’s annual WWDC event kicks off on Monday.

Will it be called iPhone X?

Moderators of the sub-reddit Apple verified the identity of Foxconninsider with proper evidence and documentation. The mods said the user would easily have access to information about Apple products. Last year, the same user had revealed that Apple had partnered with Sonder Design, which was later confirmed by the Wall Street Journal.

The Foxconn insider refers to the iPhone 8 as iPhone X, though he didn’t clarify whether it’s a codename or the official name. The Reddit user claimed that he saw the device at the EVT (engineering validation test) stage in January. He claimed that Apple has replaced AuthenTec’s Touch ID capacitive touch module. Contrary to some recent rumors, the fingerprint sensor will not sit on the back panel.

No rear fingerprint sensor, no USB-C port

Foxconninsider added that the test units had the fingerprint sensor integrated into the display, but its performance and yield rates “were not good.” He added that the 10th anniversary iPhone’s design would be similar to the iPhone 7, but its side bezels will be a lot slimmer. The rear dual camera system will be arranged vertically on the iPhone 8. Instead of unibody aluminum design, the iPhone 8 would have a composite glass material on the back to enhance wireless charging.

Other tidbits shared by the Foxconn insider include 3GB RAM, waterproofing capabilities, and no USB Type-C port. Apple will stick to the Lightning port. The iPhone 8 will also have facial detection and retina scanner, which will be included “in the front facing camera modules.” The Reddit user noted that the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus would retain the aluminum unibody chassis, meaning they won’t offer wireless charging.

iPhone 8 looks like this device in the middle

When asked which of the three phones in the image below is the most accurate depiction of the iPhone 8, the Foxconn insider picked the middle one. The image was created by Benjamin Geskin exclusively for iDrop News based on the phone’s dimensions they had obtained from reliable supply chain sources. The Reddit user also claimed that he sells data from Foxconn factories to KGI Securities. Now we know where KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo gets his information from.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7 Dimensions
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Finally, the insider revealed that the iPhone 8 production has indeed been delayed. The rumor mill has consistently claimed that Apple was struggling to fix technical issues with new features coming to the iPhone 8, which would force the company to delay the phone’s launch. However, JPMorgan analyst Rod Hall believes Apple could show off the 10th anniversary iPhone at the WWDC event beginning Monday.

Siri Speaker, Apple smart glasses, new iMac

Foxconninsider also discussed other Apple products in the pipeline. Talking about the Siri Speaker, he said it would look like a smaller trashcan Mac Pro. The voice assistant recently entered mass production. Apple had tested multiple prototypes including ones with a display and a camera, but the final product will not include either of those features.

The 2017 iMac update will have only internal improvements with little changes in external design. But the 2018 iMac will get a major update with a dark black finish and more glass. The MacBooks will also get only internal updates this year. Apple’s smart glasses for augmented reality are set to debut in 2019. The insider claimed that the smart glasses would include an internal battery, a prism, a cellulose acetate frame, multiple microphones, and bone conduction modules. The smart glasses are currently in early testing stages. They will reportedly use Carl Zeiss lenses.

iPhone 8 price and release date

The iPhone 8 is said to be the most expensive iPhone Apple has ever made. Some believe it could cost users more than $1,000. Simona Jankowski of Goldman Sachs claims the device would launch in two storage options: a 128GB model priced at $999 and a 256GB model with a price tag of $1,099. UBS Securities analyst Steven Milunovich forecasts the base model would cost only $870, but the most expensive variant could set you back by $1,070.

The iPhone 8 is still several months away, and may face further delay in launch due to technical and production issues. We might not get our hands on the device until October at the earliest, according to Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities.

On Monday, Apple is going to show off the iOS 11 software that would run the 10th anniversary iPhone. The iOS 11 may offer clues about the iPhone 8’s features and capabilities. Other products expected to be unveiled at WWDC include Apple TV, MacOS, a new iPad Pro 2, new MacBooks, and the highly-anticipated Siri Speaker.

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