Fortnite 3.6 Update: Sticky Grenades, Cosmetic Refunds And Much More

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The Fortnite 3.6 update comes with weapons and bug fixes for both Battle Royale and Save the World modes. “V3.6 introduces quality-of-life improvements to Battle Royale, adjustments to the Minigun and the debut of the latest gameplay item… Clinger! You can be sure it’ll get you out of almost any sticky situation. How will you use it?” says Epic Games in a blog post.

As per the Fortnite 3.6 update patch notes, a “Clinger” weapon is added to both the modes. These sticky grenades can stick to a surface or even a player and detonates within a few seconds. However, these sticky grenades are worthless in the air and not powerful enough to damage the player-created structures in the Save the World mode. The last weapon added to the game was the LMG (Light Machine Gun). Explosives are not going to be as quick as the LMG, but would definitely come in handy against the opponent’s structure.

The developer has also added the Noble Launcher, a heavy weapon for the Save the World mode. The Noble Launcher can shoot a “wave of piercing energy” after charging up. Epic Games has also made an adjustment in the Salvage the Drone mission by increasing the amount of Bacon found. Also, energy-adjusted ammo would be more frequent when crafted or dropped in the world.

Some general fixes accompanying the Fortnite 3.6 update include doing away with the Twitch account linking from the game client due to the scalability issues. However, the option is open for Twitch Prime accounts linking through the Epic Games website. Among the bug fixes, the metal doors not making a sound when closed have been fixed now.

In Battle Royale, the developers have rectified the collision issue with the Port-a-Fort tires that help the players to hide in them. Another issue of the submachine guns failing to reload continuously has also been fixed. Further, Epic Games have taken care of the issue where the campfire healed for one more second than intended.

Epic Games had also fixed the bug which caused the absence of red hitmakers when the rocker launcher dealt damage. In another bug fix, the players will now no longer be able to see the red light on the remote explosives through the doors. Fortnite also got rid of the problem that caused consumables from Loot Llamas and supply doors to exceed the maximum stack size in a player’s inventory.

For the Battle Royale mode, the Minigun has been buffed for fatal damage and better stability. Also, hit registration for Sniper rifles and crossbows have been improved. Developers have also taken care of the Builder Pro control scheme by fixing a few issues such as “causing player’s weapons to automatically fire after placing a structure and switching to the weapon” and “where primary fire could be interrupted when releasing aim down sights.”

A major change in the Fortnite 3.6 update allows players to refund their cosmetic purchases for V-Bucks. However, only BackBlings, Emotes, Gliders, Harvesting Tools, and Outfits will be eligible for refunds. It must be noted that Epic is allowing players to get three returns for the lifetime of that account. This comes as a relief for the players who purchased the items by mistake while browsing the Battle Royale store tab.

For Save the World mode, Epic has made major rectifications under the mission and system section. The Salvage the Drone mission would see drones crashing less frequently. Further, drones won’t crash next to a primary mission defense location. On completion of the mission, the player would get a wider variety of the items, and salvage resources have been tripled.

Epic now allows the anomaly destruction by anything doing world damage, including abilities and shooting. Once it has been destroyed, the shards interacting with them can be recovered. Among the bug fixes, the concrete corner walls in cities and industrial zones do not block player built structures.

In the Heroes section, a bug restricting the grant of the right amount of bonus rate of fire in the Bullet Storm Jonsey’s “Start Up” and “Start Faster” perk has been taken care of. On the enemy front, an issue where certain enemies popped up very frequently within the world has now been fixed.

Apart from these, the Fortnite 3.6 update brings the Lunar New Year legendary skin and Wukong back in the item shop. Epic Games added 50v50 limited time mode in the 3.5 update, and the same has been retained in the 3.6 update.

Fortnite is among the most popular games right now, and a recent event was a specimen of that.  A Twitch stream of an event, where some of the biggest players of Fortnite were pitted against streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, peaked 667,000 concurrent viewers. Just last month, Ninja broke the previous record with over 600,000 viewers when he was joined in-game by rapper Drake and other celebrities.

Going forward, the craze for the game is only going to increase with updates like the v3.6.

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