Flappy Bird Successor Swing Copters Released

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Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen is back with a new game for iOS and Android platform, and just as you might expect, the game is not easy to play. The new game is named Swing Copters, and if you loved playing the Flappy Bird, then chances are you’ll enjoy this new game too.

Dong Nguyen came into limelight when with his Flappy Bird game became a top seller because of its addictive game play. The game was then removed from the iOS and Android stores in February, and Dong said in a Twitter post that the title “ruins my simple life.” Even though the game was free, it earned a solid $50,000 per day from advertisements. That figure makes it clear just how popular the game was during its heyday.

Dong Nguyen, however, had promised that he would come up with a sequel as well as with some other projects, and now we can see that he hs truly kept his promise. From the screenshots below, you can see that Swing Copters shares a number of similarities with Flappy Bird.

Download Swing Copters

The game play of Swing Copters is very simple. You just need to tap on the screen to direct the character and ensure that the swinging hammers do not touch you. The character in the game is flying with his propeller hat on. While playing this game, you will note that the design and feel of this game is also very  similar to that of Flappy Bird.

The game can now be downloaded for free from the Play Store and from Apple’s App Store. Android users will have to deal with the ads, whereas, iOS users have the option to remove ads with an in-app purchase. Get your copy of Swing Copters from one of the links below.

Download: For Android / iOS

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