Here’s How To Fix And Remove Mac Malware Mshelper

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While most people think of Mac computers as relatively safe from viruses due to the fact that most hackers tend to focus on the windows operating system, they aren’t immune from issues by any means. A number of users are reporting issues with a new issue that is causing high fan rates and reduced battery-life in Mac computers. Here’s how to remove Mac malware mshelper and get your computer back up and running.

A number of support threads have popped up with people finding a process on their PC that is using an incredibly amount of the CPU capacity. There’s little that is known about it thus far, but fortunately it doesn’t look as if it’s a serious malware as users around the web seem to believe that it’s some sort of sketchy download that installs with some sort of other application.

In order to remove Mac malware mshelper from your computer, you’ll first need to see if it’s there. Go to the Activity monitor and click on the CPU tab to sort by highest CPU usage. Look for the mshelper at or close to the top.

Unfortunately, the process to remove Mac malware mshelper from your computer is a little more complicated than simply exiting the process as it boots back up on its own. It isn’t too difficult to remove it, however, and just involves deleting a couple of files.

In order to remove Mac malware mshelper from your computer, delete the following two files:


/Library/Application Support/pplauncher/pplauncher

With the amount of people who are looking to remove Mac malware mshelper from their devices, it’s clear that Apple will likely take action sooner rather than later to add it to the macOS blacklist. But until that happens, you can solve the issue pretty easily simply by deleting the two files listed above.

It’s important to keep in mind that Mac operating systems aren’t immune to nefarious programs, so it’s important to make sure you’re not downloading sketchy programs because you’re not immune. While the efforts to remove Mac malware mshelper aren’t exactly difficult, it’s a process that can be avoided by making sure you’re downloading only from trusted sources.

With that said, the Mac operating system is still quite secure, and in general is a better option than windows when it comes to security. Apple is pretty quick about correcting any issues, and we expect mshelper to join the list of banned applications within the coming weeks.

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