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Final Fantasy 8 Remake Possible: Square Enix Director Katano

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Over the past few years, fans of gaming franchises like Grand Theft Auto may have been feeling a little left out in the cold. As they see Final Fantasy fans getting exactly what they want from developer Square Enix, that’s a string of remakes. What with better graphics, and playability, veterans and a new generation of fans can now enjoy the classics in superior quality. Now it appears, that the last remaster Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age, having done so well. May lead on to a future Final Fantasy 8 remake.

Final Fantasy 8 Remake Possible

In a recent interview with the International Business Times, Square Enix, and Final Fantasy Director Katano. Final Fantasy 12 is the last HD remastering option for games first launched on the Playstation 2.

As for other PS1 related remasters, Square Enix has already launched graphically superior versions of Final Fantasy games that appeared on it. These remakes have been published on the likes of Steam; however, they could be the last. As Katano, suggests, any further increase in quality beyond HD would not be possible. That is, not without giving up on some of Square Enix’s own quality standards, something which won’t happen.

On this matter he said:

“You look at the other titles in the series and technologically anything before the PS2 era is going to be difficult. To do a modern remaster of to a suitable level of quality…that means a [future game] is more likely to be a remake.”

As for a Final Fantasy 8 remake, here’s what you need to know.

Furture Remakes

During the interview with Katano, conducted by the International Business Times, the Director seems to suggest the following. Square Enix, is looking to create more Final Fantasy Remakes. Yes, it has already penned in the development of a Final Fantasy 7 remaster. However, with the franchise celebrating 30-years existence, it’s clear that a revisit to other titles in the franchise is likely.

One such title is a Final Fantasy 8 Remake, along with future 6, and 9, also strong possibilities as releases. There’s no doubt in Square Enix decision makers, minds that there are enough fans out there to make it viable.

A Remake Trilogy?

Could this continued remake stance mean a trilogy is likely? If the only place to go, is back to the PS1-era, it’s likely, games may be released in chronological order. Given that a Final Fantasy 7 remake is in development, it makes sense a Final Fantasy 8 remake is next. However, the question is, will that be followed by 9?

If you visit fan forums and read the reports from the rumor mill, 9, will certainly be released. Additionally, since the 30th-anniversary party began, industry insiders have also considered the possibility of a trilogy to be increasingly accurate. As for how they will be released, could a bundle of remastered titles be launched at once?

That’s the current consensus among fans and insiders, they believe if Square Enix did this it would celebrate the franchise. And also increase its awareness among those who have not played older titles like Final Fantasy 8 and new fans.

Source: International Business Times

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