Final Fantasy 7 Released For iPhone Users

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Gamer geeks rejoice as the PlayStation classic Final Fantasy 7 is released for iOS.

The franchise had previously only been available to play on PlayStation consoles and PC, but today developers Square Enix announced an iOS version. It will set you back $19.99, which may seem like a lot for a mobile game, but it offers the chance to experience a slice of gaming history.

Final Fantasy 7 features built-in cheat codes on iOS

The role-playing game was a massive hit when it launched on the PlayStation in 1997, and somewhat disappointingly the graphics don’t seem to have changed much since then. The iOS version of Final Fantasy 7 is based on the PC code, and does not take advantage of the iPhone 6‘s graphics capabilities.

All the same, there are other several changes in the iOS version. Enemy battles can be turned off, excluding boss and event battles, and you can instantly max your stats with the max stats command. Both of these features are essentially cheat codes designed to make progress quicker and easier for impatient mobile gamers.

Not only is the game a financial commitment, it will also eat storage space. To download Final Fantasy 7, you will need at least 4GB of free space on your iPad or iPhone, and the game will take up approximately 1.63GB of storage space once fully downloaded.

Square Enix continues to port classic games onto mobile

iPod Touch users may be disappointed to hear that their device is “not suited to playing this game,” although it is listed as compatible. No announcement has been made on a possible Android version of the game.

Some hardcore gamers might be disappointed to see such a classic become available on mobile devices, but rumors of the move have been swirling for some time. Square Enix has been releasing mobile versions of its classic games on a regular basis, and it seems likely that Final Fantasy 7 and IX will soon be made available.

Mobile versions of classic games largely find success with mobile users who played the original version of the games in their childhood. Even at $20, there are sure to be some mobile gamers willing to invest in a slice of nostalgia.

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