Faraday Future EV Shown Beating Tesla Model X P100D In Teaser Video

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The Tesla Model X will seemingly have to face tough competition from Faraday Future’s all-electric vehicle, which will debut in Las Vegas on January 3. A few days ago, the latter released a partial video of one of its prototypes racing majors like Bentley, Ferrari and the Model X. Now it has released the full version.

Beating even the Tesla Model X P100D

Though Faraday Future did not reveal the results in the earlier video, it was assumed that it its vehicle turned out the winner; else there wouldn’t have been any point in releasing the trailer. Now the full video has been uploaded, and the Faraday Future EV is seen winning.

Faraday’s upcoming EV seems very promising. In the video, it is seen demolishing a bunch of very fast cars in acceleration testing. For a fast electric vehicle, it might not be difficult to beat a Bentley Bentayaga and Ferrari 488 GTB. But it is really tough to beat the Tesla Model X P100D, as it has the ability to accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds.

There is no need for such high acceleration, as it serves very little practical purpose. It is more of a vulgar and unnecessary display of power. The Faraday team, however, believes that the powertrain is capable of being faster, and they’re working on it.

It said, “Our software provides a competitive advantage that others don’t have. We are going to do a little better – because there is more in there,” the company.

Faraday in financial trouble

At CES next month, Faraday will give a live demo of the EV’s performance. It’s very likely that the company has produced a faster/better product, but there are several questions surrounding the company’s funding.

Buzzfeed reported that the company is in “turmoil,” and there are two lawsuits against it claiming unpaid bills. The first lawsuit against Faraday is from the auto supplier Futurius for $10 million. The other is from a Californian property owner, Beim Maple properties, which claims Faraday has to pay rent for a warehouse amounting to almost $105,000.

On top of these lawsuits, AECOM has put a stop-work order on Faraday’s Nevada factory due to an outstanding bill of some $57 million. On November 22, Faraday Future reportedly secured new funding of up to $600 million, but it doesn’t look like the money is being used to get out of its financial trouble, noted Inside EVs.

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