Fannie Mae: “Lawsuit ….Has A Very Good Chance of Succeeding,” Argues Capuano

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Capuano backs Sen Toomey’s thought process and even takes it a step further. Now, before anyone thinks for a second I am backing a MA Rep because he is from my State I just need folks to know that this is possibly the only thing I agree w/Capuano with. That being said, his proposed legislation regarding Federal National Mortgage Assctn Fnni Me (OTCBB:FNMA) FANNIE MAE PFD S (OTCBB:FNMAS) is the most sensible in Congress on the issue as it accomplishes everything every party wants equitably.

Rep Capuano:

“I had no problem taking them over, but like anyone else, I think that once they’ve paid their loan back we should reform them or let them go… and I personally think we should reform them but nonetheless…  I actually think there is a lawsuit now, I think it has a very good chance of succeeding, that will show that what the government has done was probably not appropriate.”

Conversation on the GSE’s starts at the 2min mark.

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