Facebook’s Call Now Button Allows Users To Call Businesses Directly

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Facebook, on Wednesday, launched its ‘Call Now’ button that could be added by the businesses to their news feed ads. These updates mark another attempt by the company to develop location-oriented awareness ads, which are more useful to the businesses.

‘Call Now’ a better, cheaper way

Consumers, who are viewing the ads through a mobile phone, can tap on the Call Now button to instantly dial the number of the business from their devices. On the other hand, the businesses can use this button to promote their businesses among locals or people near to their businesses. Moreover, the new button from Facebook provides the business owners with a method of advertising that extends to a wider audience, and is cheaper than any other publicity medium, for instance newspaper, direct mail, etc.

Moreover, the awareness ads could easily be designed by a given business from its Facebook page. To create, one would have to target an area and then decide a budget. Further, the businesses would also be able to gauge the reach of their ads by clicking on the notifications panel that will inform them about the results, such as the number of individuals reached, the amount of people who clicked on the Call Now button, etc. CEO of one of the restaurants that employs Facebook for the local awareness of its brand, said the eating place witnessed a lot of first-timers after it became a part of Facebook’s local awareness campaign.

More for businesses from Facebook

Facebook is, regularly, coming up with new ways to facilitate business owners. Before this, the company introduced ‘Get Directions’ button that display directions from the user’s present location to a business’s address. In addition, the social networking firm already added ‘Like Page’ button through which consumers can post a ‘like’ on the concerned business’s Facebook page.

Also, in an attempt to make Facebook more extensively useful to customers, the company, also launched a new feature, Instant Articles that would provide a common platform to read news from several publishers. Integrated with the Facebook app, the feature will deliver articles from nine publishers, such as BBC, The Guardian, NY Times, NBC, The Atlantic, etc.

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