Facebook Want Button Under Test

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Facebook Want Button Under Test

It looks like Facebook has found yet another way to extract more data from their users. The social website just launched a ‘Want’ button which is very similar to the ‘Like’ button except for two things: this button is not publicly listed right now and it’s primarily a way to share products you want to buy in the near future with friends.

Currently, the ‘Want’ button plugin only works on Open Graph objects which are marked as products. These plugins allow developers to design their own ‘Want’ actions but users will have to use a third-party app to publish the news on the Timeline and News Feeds.

What sets this new feature apart from all the others is that it allows Facebook to collect desire data from users. This will only make it easier for e-commerce marketers to utilize this technology instead of having to create new apps from scratch. And although many of these websites are using the ‘Like’ button. The only problem with this is that there is no way to tell if a person who likes a product or service already owns the item or is thinking about purchasing it. This new feature should allow people to distinguish the groups.

Tom Waddington (developer for website Cut Out + Keep) discovered the ‘Want’ button feature which has been added as a Javascript XFBML tag.  Unfortunately, he also said the ‘Want’ feature is currently disabled and we will have to wait until Facebook announces when they plan on rolling out this new feature.

I say it’s about time they rolled out a ‘Want’ feature. If Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) wants to continually grow, they’re going to need to branch out their company a bit. Obviously, they will want to keep the whole social media aspect of it but they can (and should) branch out a bit to try new avenues because change is key to success.

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