11% of Facebook Users In UK Have Shared Accounts With Partners

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A recent survey from 11% of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users in the United Kingdom share their account with a significant other. This finding comes from Voucher Code Pro and only included individuals 18 and over.

11% of Facebook Users In UK Have Shared Accounts With Partners

According to the survey’s findings, the main reasons for shared accounts include lack of trust (32%) and the same group of friends (26%). 21% of respondents claimed it was to share pictures. 13% of respondents share a Facebook account to keep in touch with family and 11% don’t use their accounts enough to create separate profiles.

Surprising results about the social media habits of couples

Voucher Code Pro also discovered some interesting facts about couples who shared their social media accounts. The most common age groups to share accounts include 25 to 30 (39 percent) and 50 plus (33%). Joint accounts were most often suggested by women. 82% of the respondents said the joint accounts were suggested by females and 18% report it was suggested by males. Perhaps the most interesting fact: 4% of respondents claim they had separate accounts their partners did not know about.

Nick Swan (the chief executive officer for Voucher Pro Codes) suggested that although joint Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) accounts for older couples may be a great idea if its used to keep in touch with grandkids, younger couples may want to avoid sharing accounts if trust is the heart of the issue.

Facebook (FB) spawns new app for special interest groups

In other Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) news, the social media giant recently launched a new iOS app for anonymous users. The Rooms app offers a feed of photos, video, and text. Each “room” is based on a topic selected by the person who started the page. Popular topics in Rooms include shoes, delicious recipes, traveling families, and Kendama fans. The latter is a fun Japanese game.

The Rooms app may be a new concept for Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), but it really is nothing more than just an internet forum or interest group. The product manager for Rooms, Josh Miller, thinks people spend more time on their phones and less time finding new friends with similar interests. He hopes this new app will change that.

Those interested in Facebook rooms won’t have to sign in with their accounts and can use pseudonyms if they want.

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