Facebook Testing ‘Watch Later’ Option For Videos

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Facebook launched a new “Watch Later” option for videos uploaded directly to its site. The feature enables users to save a video and view it later, says a report from TechCrunch. As videos are growing more popular now, so the social network wants users to watch even more videos whenever they log in to its site.

Facebook Testing 'Watch Later' Option For Videos

Much more user-friendly

Facebook is constantly pushing its R&D process to enhance its video experience, and the new feature is an example of that. This new feature can be seen as Facebook’s latest trick to attract more users from rivals. Facebook wants to give tough competition to its biggest rival, Google-owned YouTube, which is already offering a similar feature also called “Watch Later.”

Initially, the feature is available for desktops where it will appear as a little tab on the right-hand corner of a video uploaded directly to the site. After the video has been saved for later, it will appear on the left-hand corner of the News Feed under the “saved” button.

Such videos get stored into users’ saved folders, which also store stories that have been selected using the “Save” feature, which was launched last July. Though Facebook added the video save option in December, the “Watch Later” option is much more user-friendly

Videos in focus for Facebook

For promoting one’s business, online video has emerged as the most popular multimedia strategy. Today brands utilize innovative and creative ideas to create an amazing new experience for their customers in the form of a video with an aspiration of building recognition.

Recognizing this, Facebook started dipping into the video pool about a year ago, and now it has approximately 4 billion video views on a daily basis, which is around the same number as YouTube. Earlier this month, the social networking giant announced that it is testing a new ad-support video feature called “Suggested Videos,” which shares revenue with content creators. Like YouTube’s current revenue sharing model, Suggested Videos, which is currently being tested on the iPhone, is backed by an agreement with media companies and content creators.

Also Facebook declared last month that it is planning to modify its News Feed algorithm to serve users in a more personalized way by figuring the type of videos a user likes most and thus providing videos accordingly.

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