Facebook Testing Internal Search Engine To Skip Google

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Facebook is working on “in-app” search engine to enable users to find links within its mobile app. If such a feature is launched, then users will not have to Google search a link prior to posting it on their status update.

Facebook Testing Internal Search Engine To Skip Google

Facebook gears up to compete with Google

According to a report from TechCrunch, the social networking giant confirmed it is testing a new method to add links on status updates on the app. The company has already launched an “in-app” search engine for select iOS users in the United States, says the report.

Facebook told TechCrunch that the engine consists of over 1 trillion posts which will enable users to search for links, suggesting that the data is not powered by Google. Users can see similar links in “add a link option” once they type their query in the search box. Thereafter, they can simply select the desired link and publish it with pictures or a status update.

Over the years, Facebook has become a vital distribution platform for many digital news organizations, which in turn strengthens its position as a reliable content host. There is no word about the process Facebook uses to determine the results of each query, but the report reveals that the results depend on the user’s frequency of visiting websites and stories with a high share rate.

Facebook hires a Twitter employee

In a separate development, the social networking site continues to attract some of the most talented employees, and the most recent one is from Twitter. A report from Re/code mentioned that Racheal Horwitz, former communications director with Twitter, has joined Facebook. Horwitz supervised the micro-blogging firm’s public relations for its products. In her new company, she will be the Director of Technology Communications.

News of Facebook poaching Twitter employees comes amid the criticism of its content matching algorithm while Twitter, which is supposedly working on the same concept, has not been subjected to the same level of criticisms.

Facebook has been in a dispute for some time with other technology companies over its hiring practices. In fiscal 2014, a court document noted that Google made several attempts in the past to restrict Facebook from poaching its employees.

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