Facebook Photo Comments: Now You Can Post Pictures As Comments

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For people who find the comments of their “friends” annoying at times, get ready for a new wave of annoyance. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) announced today that it would allow users to directly upload a photo that serves as a “comment” rather than simply using words.

Facebook Photo Comments: Now You Can Post Pictures As Comments

In the past, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users were allowed to use a link in order to “speak without words” but this new feature will allow the uploader to use a thumbnail of the image he or she felt spoke more than words.

Photos Will be Directly Hosted by Facebook

Finally, the middleman of this equation has been removed with the ability to let your photo be all you need to say about the matter as and end result. Do, however, exercise caution if you go this route. Your photo will directly be hosted by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), and depending on your privacy settings could easily end up being viewed as “theirs” in the near future.

While I can’t see myself using this feature anytime soon, the marketing possibilities clearly exist. It’s not a stretch to see bands calling for photos of recent contests, or brands hosting photo competitions in the comment sections of their posts.

It also suggests organically that it won’t be too long before videos will also serve as a potential comment. Certainly, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will have no issue with this once it becomes economically and technologically feasible. It begs the question—if video and photos are both available as comments, whether or not this will also give birth to a BlackBerry type of messaging system.

Certainly, it wouldn’t be terribly difficult, given the prevalence of microphones and cameras in nearly every device the tech savvy Facebook user has available to them. Rather than taking the time to type out a private message to my friends in their “inboxes,” wouldn’t I just prefer to hit record?

Wouldn’t I in turn, prefer to see my messages as video with full audio? Each of us multitasks every day regardless of whether we are using technology to do it. Technology just adds to the amount of times I multitask each day.  I for one, would love to simply hit play in my Facebook inbox and hear what was sent while making coffee, rather than being forced to read each post.

Just a matter of time.

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