Facebook Live Video Streaming Available Worldwide

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In what is sure to be a blow to live streaming apps like Periscope, Meerkat and Camio among others, Facebook Live Video has been taken from the few lucky ones to a worldwide audience.

Facebook Live Video is indeed live

In a much anticipated move, Facebook is bringing live video to the masses, and the masses in this case are over 1.2 billion regular monthly users. While Live Video was announced a few months ago only a few were given access: U.S. users, verified profiles and celebrities were given the first crack at using this new feature. Facebook confirmed the roll out that began yesterday early today and users from South America, Africa and Europe have already begun streaming their live videos.

The rollout is ongoing and won’t be completed for a few weeks. It should be mentioned that, for now, Live Video is only available for iPhone and iPad user and Facebook has been a bit silent on when to expect an Android roll-out that will bring the majority of smartphone users into the fold.

To see whether you’ve been “gifted” the live streaming tool, select Update Status at the top of the News Feeds. From there press the Live Video icon which should include a banner announcing its presence on your phone. After you’ve done this you will be given the option of who you wish to be able to see your stream and add a description if desired. It’s really that easy.

Facebook Live Video provides stats

Now that you know how to start your stream you’ll surely want to know who is viewing it. Facebook makes this easy with the number of live viewers, names of friends watching, and real-time comments visible to you at all times.

Additionally, once you’ve ended the broadcast it will be added to your Timeline. By selecting the options button on the saved video, you will be able to determine who can watch your “rerun.”

Lastly (for now), others live streams will appear in your News Feed and if you begin viewing it you will be given the option to subscribe to their future feeds.

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