Facebook Unveils Live Video Map To Connect You With Strangers

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Facebook continues to amaze us by adding new features to Live Video. On Wednesday, the social media giant rolled out an interactive map for Live Video to users around the world. Users of this new feature can peer into the lives of some of Facebook’s 1.65 billion users.

Facebook Unveils Live Video Map To Connect You With Strangers

Interactive map for Live Video

The new “Live Video” app is available on the left navigation bar in the timeline to access the interactive map. Facebook’s new feature works in a similar way as the mobile map offered by Twitter’s Periscope, the arch rival of Facebook’s live-streaming feature.

The location of the stream is pointed out by blue dots, and users can connect to the feed by hovering their mouse over them. When the user clicks on a dot, the picture expands. Signed-in users can post comments. Not only can users see from where a stream is originating, but also, when they click on a video, they can check where it is being viewed from.

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Fast access to the broadcasts that have gone viral is provided by a list to the left of the map. Mostly, these are broadcasts from TV stations, but there are a few people listed as “public figures” who are getting some attention.

Do not expect a lot from the new feature though. Late Wednesday, a random look through the available feeds showed a cat writhing around on the floor, a guy staring blankly at his smartphone camera, a person buttering toast and a guy in a youth hostel eating noodles, says Digital Trends. Each stream had about 20 viewers.

Facebook vs. Twitter’s Periscope

Clearly, this new interactive map for live video should increase traffic for Facebook as in the past, notifications were the only way to know if a user was broadcasting live. This means the user had to already be following the page or person to get notified. Now users can easily drop in on people, pets and places everywhere to see what other people around the world are up to.

This new feature is just one of the many weapons the social media giant is rolling out to battle Twitter’s live streaming service Periscope. Users reportedly watch live broadcasts for three times longer than recorded video and post 10 times more comments on them.

Also Facebook is working to enter revenue-sharing agreements with its paid Live partners, and once Live Video firmly establishes itself, this should guarantee big payouts for both groups.

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