Facebook Is Down For Many Users [UPDATE: Back Up]

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13:43 EST According to reports from Twitter and elsewhere Facebook is back in full operation now. The company has still not released any information on the outage and there is no evidence to suggest whether it was an internal problem or an attempt by hackers to take the site down. When the company does release info we will update here.

The social network operated by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is seeing a major service disruption for many users according to reports on Twitter. The twitter tag #Facebookdown is beginning to trend on the micro-blogging site as users take to a second social network to vent their outrage about problems on the other.

Facebook Is Down For Many Users [UPDATE: Back Up]

According to the web testing serve Downrightnow.com, Facebook is indeed not working at the moment. The service disruption isn’t troubling all users of the social network but it is having an effect on many. Facebook Inc, (NASDAQ:FB) has not yet commented on the outage. We will update this article as more information becomes available.

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