Facebook Inc Introduces FB Newswire For Journalists

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is about to make history in journalism. The social media giant announced FB Newswire, a resource which simplifies searching for journalists to find and share news in their media.


FB Newswire offers more content

FB Newswire is powered by social content discovery website Storyful. This is to ensure better discovery and verification for news sources. This new feature works by aggregating news content posted by organizations and individuals on Facebook. News sources will include original status updates, videos, and photos posted from people on the front lines of events like sporting events and elections.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) hopes to expand its website and become a major player in the news arena. This is just the beginning but it is also a part of something bigger. Media outlets and journalists are already an integral part of the Facebook experience. Earlier this year, Facebook unveiled the Trending Topics feature on the website. This was designed to bring fresh news and current topics to the website’s users. Facebook also recently cleaned up users’ newsfeeds to offer more relevant information. Although these changes are still relatively new and continue to point towards the website’s attempt at improvements, there may still be integral changes to be made in the near future.

How to access Facebook’s FB Newswire

Those who are interested in utilizing FB Newswire can check out the Facebook.com/FBNeswire page and @FBNewswire page on Twitter. This feature is still new so users can expect more changes to the feature in the near future. If and when Facebook’s new feature becomes a core tool for journalists and newsrooms alike, this could be a huge opportunity for the social media giant. The internet has changed the way people get their news and has made the whole news experience more social.

FB Newswire will offer more competition against Google News as well as give the website’s users more reasons to stay on the social site.

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