Facebook Inc (FB) To Create Its Own Snapchat Inspired App

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) takes every single opportunity it chances on to ensure it stays on top, and now there are reports that Facebook may launch a Snapchat-inspired mobile app in the near future.

Facebook Inc (FB) To Create Its Own Snapchat Inspired App

Snapchat is a unique app that lets users send and receive photos that quickly disappear minutes after they appear. This new app has been garnering a lot of interest which is probably why Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) wants to acquire it.

A representative for the company recently stated, “We’re not going to comment on rumor and speculation.”

It’s also reported that Facebook’s Snapchat app may become available in as little as a few weeks. This would join their ever-growing list of mobile applications including their messenger app, photo-sharing app, and Instagram acquisition.

A Snapchat-like app could be just the thing that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) needs to improve their image in the privacy department as it would allow users to be more discriminate about what they share and the pictures would disappear as fast as they appear. Unfortunately, there is no word on whether the app would provide real privacy for the users.

It’s interesting to see that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has a real interest in another photo sharing app, and it makes many of us wonder that if they have something up their sleeve. I expect that they will eventually move their focus from the website onto the app and perhaps delete the website altogether. Facebook’s strong interest in photo apps could mean they have plans for a specialized all-in-one photo app that integrates all the necessary features.

Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram has created some real competition against micro-blogging website Twitter. Just a week or so ago, Instagram pulled support cards for Twitter. The popular micro-blogging website then created and launched their own photo app with filters.

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