Facebook Inc (FB) Testing Conversation Threading In Posts

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is coming up with yet another feature that will allow users not only to like other user’s comments, but they can also reply to their comments directly.

Facebook Inc (FB) Testing Conversation Threading In Posts

A Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) spokesperson said “We are testing a new way to add comments to a post on Facebook. With this test you will be able to reply to another comment, as well as the original post”, and added, “This is just a small test at this stage”.

According to a report from InsideFacebook, “Threaded comments are a feature of Facebook’s comments plugin for third-party sites, but haven’t been available on the social network itself. Users have long asked for a way to reply to specific comments on Facebook posts. This is especially important for Facebook pages where users cannot tag and mention other fans they aren’t friends with. With the reply to comment option, users will be notified when someone responds to them. This also makes conversations easier to follow, particularly on posts with a lot of comments”.

The new feature adds a “Reply” button to the right of the “Like” button on comments posted to a member’s update. The new button allows the commenter’s to carve conversation threads off from comments. The threading feature is limited to one additional branch, meaning that members can comment on the new reply threads, but they can’t reply again to branch off into even more threads.

The new feature will save users a lot of time by not having to tag a person in order for them to see your reply. The new feature has already been introduced in Philippines and Thailand and is expected to roll-out gradually to other users in different countries, as well.

Apart from this threading feature, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is also toying with two new features – sound-alert notification feature and one-column timeline design. The sound-alert notification will make a sound alert each time someone writes on your Timeline, sends you a message, or invites you to an event. The social network giant is also experimenting with a new design with a small percentage of users that has the posts in one column instead of the current format where posts are staggered in two columns. In the new Timeline design, the Facebook publishing widget and the posts appear much wider than in the current Timeline.

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