Facebook Inc (FB) Plans More Standalone Apps In 2015

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Facebook, which recently forced users to download its separate “Messenger,” chat app, has plans to acquire many more spots on the home screens of its users’ phones. After the “Messenger” app, which was almost forced upon users, we could soon see a few more standalone apps in 2015, says a report from The Star.Facebook Inc (FB) Plans More Standalone Apps In 2015

More apps from Facebook in 2015

Facebook released nine different apps in 2014. The information comes from Jordan Banks, managing director of Facebook Canada and the global head of vertical strategy. Demand from users has led the company to introduce more standalone apps, claims Banks.

“We’re getting away from that single app that does everything for you” as users “want single apps that do one thing incredibly well,” said Banks.

The reason users prefer to have standalone apps for various Facebook features is that they do not want to click several times to reach an app. Therefore, because of users’ requests for standalone apps, Facebook came up with the “Messenger” app. The trend will continue in the future, and Facebook’s multi-app orientation will continue for a long time, said Banks.

Facebook – Mobile growth strong

While the company’s attempts to make its users download the separate “Facebook Messenger” app led to complaints, positive reviews have reached Banks. The executive further said there are many users who are delighted with the app, which offers one-click access to Messenger. Also the app has over 500 million users at present.

The website has 15 million daily users and 20 million monthly users from Canada. The number of users is not increasing at a brisk pace, but mobile usage is on the rise. Facebook is accessed by 16 million Canadian users on a tablet or phone on a monthly basis, which is an increase of 23% over last year. Mobile devices are used tor access Facebook by 12 million users on a daily basis, which is an increase of 28% over last year.

“Mobile growth continues to be a major driver of all the good things we’re seeing,” Banks says.

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