Facebook Inc (FB) Introduces The Mobile Like Button

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) just officially launched the ‘Like’ button for mobile apps on iOS and Android. Developers already have tools that enable users to like items within a native app. This makes it easier for a user to like a photo or story on an app without having to go on the internet browser.

Facebook brings ‘Like’ button to mobile

Last April, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) discussed a ‘Like’ button feature for iOS during the f8 conference. The mobile like button is designed to like the Facebook page of an app, an Open Graph object, share content, or share a game achievement. The social media giant claims it’s ‘Like’ and Share buttons are viewed across 10 million websites a day. However mobile technology has yet to keep up with the power of Facebook apps. Only now is Facebook diving into the mobile experience of third-party developers.

When the feature is tapped, the Facebook fast-app switches a user from current app to the Facebook app, they are shown a confirmation dialog they can confirm or deny. Once they make the decision, they are taken back to the app they initially came from.

Facebook wants to review user research

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) wants to make some key changes within the company and it may start with a deeper review on research. The social giant announced on Thursday future research of it’s top 1.3 billion users would be the subject to internal scrutiny from top managers.

No outside body will take a review of Facebook’s project. The company also declined to share the guidelines used to determine it research was appropriate. It also wasn’t indicated if it will receive user consent for the projects.

This past summer, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) landed in hot water after it was discovered users were unknowingly involved in an emotional manipulation project. The company responded with a message that users should trust the company and that they should trust them.

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