Facebook Inc (FB) Is Secretly Working On An Anonymous App [REPORT]

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is making efforts to develop anonymity service features after defining online social identity. The social networking site has started to channel its efforts towards anonymous social apps after witnessing the popularity of such similar apps.

Facebook Inc (FB) Is Secretly Working On An Anonymous App [REPORT]

Facebook taking deep interest in going secretive

According to the reports, one of the social app companies (Secret) entered into talks with Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to discuss over their working together. There was no comment from Facebook and Secret representative over the matter, however, some sources denied the rumours that the Facebook is planning to buy Secret for $100 million, which was doing rounds in the Silicon Valley for some time, says a report from Recode.net.

Previously, Facebook has evolved ways for users to log in anonymously, which was different from the usual experience on the site and mobile apps. There are apps such as Whisper and Secret through which users can engage in conversation with the others incognito mode without having to reveal their identity.

Facebook is taking a deeper interest in such apps, and the social networking site has tried to adopt the way in which user engage in conversation on Twitter or Reddit. However, it will be challenging and interesting to watch how Facebook, which has explored methods to add more features to social identity apps, will create an anonymity feature.

Aggressive acquisitions

Earlier this year, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) acquired Whatsapp for $19 billion and just recently bought Oculus, a virtual reality hardware company, for $2 billion. There are ample opportunities for Facebook in this arena. Snapchat turned down Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg offer, but the company has plenty of cash to pursue other targets.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) looks geared up to acquire more tech start-ups, and the share price of the company has almost doubled over the past year on the back of such prospects.

However, Secret is a very small organization, and not much popular outside the Silicon Valley. Another company, Whisper, is focusing its efforts to build out content and media-sharing strategy. Neither of these start-up looks likely to sell out in the immediate future. Another option for Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is to allow users to choose personal handles like they do on Twitter and Reddit for logging instead of signing in with their real names.

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