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Facebook Inc (FB) Hiring To Build Its Drone Team

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is looking for efficient and skilled workers for a team that will work on building drones and other aircraft. On Thursday, three new job postings that were drone-related were posted by the company on its website. For working on aircraft-related projects, the company was looking for avionics, thermal, and power systems and control engineers.

Facebook Inc (FB) Hiring To Build Its Drone Team

Facebook building a team

The new job postings are for the company’s California office, but the hired people will be working with the U.K. team. Facebook needs people who could help it with the assembly of the mechanical structure of an aircraft and is looking for both associate and lead technicians. Besides that it also needs an engineer to assist the company in the “development, inspection and testing of a high-altitude solar powered aircraft.”

The newly hired staff members will be part of Facebook’s Connectivity Lab, in which research is being conducted to bringinternet connectivity to two-thirds of the world population.

Previously, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) released ads regarding three aerospace-related job openings for which it needs technicians and engineers who will be required to work out of the London office. In March, the social networking giant acquired drone maker Ascent, which is based in the U.K., and a few months after it made those job postings.

Drones part of Internet.org

In March, an announcement was made by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who said that to get the entire world online, the company had launched an initiative known as Internet.org, and as part of it, they wanted to “build drones, satellites and lasers to deliver internet to everyone.” Facebook Inc’s drones could resemble planes and be as big as a 747, according to Yael Maguire, head of Facebook’s Connectivity efforts, in September. Maguire said that by 2015, the company hopes to get its drones or planes in the air.

Delivering internet to the rest of the world is a good business besides being a noble charity. Facebook will be able to gain more customers if it succeeds in its mission of delivering internet to all parts of the world. The world population is 7.1 billion, with Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users being just 1.35 billion.

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