Facebook Adds Facial Recognition To Messenger

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Facebook is deploying a new way to help users send photos to their friends through its Messenger app. A feature called Photo Magic scans the user’s most recent photographs and makes use of facial recognition to find out who is in it. Then it prompts the user to send the image to all the associated individuals.

Facebook Adds Facial Recognition To Messenger

Sharing photos becomes easier

There are occasions when a person takes several photographs with their mobile, making it difficult for them to remember with whom the photos should be shared as they cannot recall who all was there, especially in group photos. It is a tedious task to sort through them all. Now with Photo Magic, it will be possible to share private moments with individuals or groups in a streamlined fashion. The feature has already been made available to Android users in Australia, and the iOS update is expected soon. For the rest of the world, Facebook will launch the feature in the coming months.

Facial recognition made a debut on Facebook in June with the launch of Moments. This service makes it easier to share photos with friends. Facial recognition is the best method to find out with whom a user should share their photographs. In 2012, Facebook acquired Face.com for up to $100 million, and most likely the social network is using Face.com’s facial recognition technology to help users determine who they should tag when they upload a photograph.

To prove the benefits of Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger, which has more than 700 million monthly active users, is becoming a product central to the way people live their lives. In just the last month, the app was used for sharing 9.5 billion photos, and this gave the company the idea of utilizing facial recognition to ensure that the experience is better than what it used to be earlier.

Facebook Messenger was initially considered to be on par with AOL’s Instant Messenger or even with Google Hangouts, but in the last few years, the company has made huge investments in the application to make it a preferred communication platform among friends, customers and businesses.

Initially, there was a lot of criticism of the unbundling of Messenger from the core Facebook app. But as the company started testing new features, for example, the mobile virtual assistant service M, the app slowly and gradually started to gain acceptance. It is obvious that the company brought this feature with the intent of showing users the benefits of Facebook Messenger.

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