Facebook Inc (FB) Adds Event Subscribe Button

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Facebook has come up with a new button that will enable users to subscribe to events created by specific businesses and other Facebook pages, according to Mashable. While the businesses will get a push in ticket sales, users will now not miss upon any of the concerts held in their town by their favorite bands.

Facebook Inc (FB) Adds Event Subscribe Button

Much more than a button

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has pages for a multitude of businesses, and several of them organize events at regular intervals for their followers. But since there is no way of notifying local followers of these events, many end up missing them. The News Feed might provide some relevant information, but at times it is not possible to go through each and every feed.

So to help, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has placed a new “Events Subscribe” button on a page’s events section just below the “Like” button. The button will allow users to receive notifications whenever a group or business to which they have subscribed, is hosting an event. The notifications will appear in the Events Dashboard.

Further, it will contain suggestions from Facebook for subscribing to events conducted by the artists and the pages liked by a follower. Similar to the “Likes,” those in the friend circle of the user will also be able to see the pages and events to which a user has subscribed.

Facebook helps both businesses and users

The new button will help business as well as users. Sales of concert tickets for the bands will get a push with this move from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). Also musicians these days rely heavily on revenues generated by such concerts as recorded music does not generate much revenue. Similarly, local businesses, sports teams and others can also benefit substantially by making use of the new button by informing the maximum number of people about IRL get-togethers.

On the other hand, users can get info on the latest or upcoming events being held by the entities they follow on Facebook. This means that if a favorite band is playing in the vicinity, then the user will know about it.

The said button has been added to all the Facebook Pages on desktop and mobile.

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