Facebook Inc Diversity Training Course Now Available to All


Facebook has come up with a new page for a training course “Managing Unconscious Bias” in an effort to remove the bias in the hiring process. The page, which is open for all, will feature several informational videos with an aim to promote diversity at the workplace.

Facebook Inc Diversity Training Course Now Available to All

Facebook making efforts. Are they enough?

In June, the social networker initiated a new program, which required atleast one minority applicant being considered for the job. This program from Facebook was quite similar to the Rooney Rule, which was enacted in 2003 to ensure minority applicants are considered for the coaching jobs.

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Now, the “Unconcious bias” is the latest step by Facebook to enhance the diversity in the company. With its training course, Facebook hopes to train the job-seekers and the future employers about the discrimination prevalent in the hiring process. Earlier, the training was given only to the current employees of the social networker.

Detailing on Facebook’s decision to make the training course public, Chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, wrote in a blog post, “One of the most important things we can do to promote diversity in the workplace is to correct for the unconscious bias that all of us have.” Reports suggests job-seekers with ‘White sounding names’ are given preference to the ‘Black sounding names.’ And a candidate John will be getting more salary as compared to the candidate Jennifer, Giving an example, Sandberg said.

Sandberg acknowledged that though a lot of work still remains, “by helping people recognize and correct for bias, we can take a step towards equality – at work, at home and in everyday life.”

Issue rampant among Silicon Valley tech firms

Facebook, which employs more than 10,000 employees, is one of the biggest tech firms. Workplace diversity is a major issue for most of the Silicon Valley companies, and the social networker is no different. In its June diversity report, the company noted that nearly 68% of all employees are men, and more than half of the employees are white.

Several high-profile lawsuits and bias charges had been filed against some Silicon Valley tech firms for discrimination against minorities and women. It’s not just Facebook where the bias can be seen. Approximately 70% of employees at Twitter are male, while 88% of employees are of Asian origin or white, the micro-blogging firm revealed in July. Google’s diversity report reveals that it employs only 30% female, 3% Latino and 2% African American. To improve the situation, Google plans to invest $150 million on new diversity initiatives this year.

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