Facebook Inc (FB) Cracks Down On Fake ‘Likes’ And Their Sellers

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Facebook has been making sincere efforts to check and immediately block fake likes the moment they are detected. It has even devised “new recognition technologies,” and the results are worth considering.

Facebook coming down hard on fake “Likes”

On Friday, a blog post by H. Kerem Cevahir, a security engineer at Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), stated that the fake likes blocked by the company were initially tackled by in a manner that they never reach the intended page. Cevahir further informed readers that, starting March, the team at the social network successfully identified and blocked fake “likes” from as many as 200,000 pages.

The success of these technologies is evident from the fact that in the past half year, the company has not only been able to raise the number of fake likes detected and block three times as many but also brought an end to the businesses involved in the corrupt practice of selling “likes.”

Also the company took responsibility of informing Page administrators of the action undertaken by the social network and educated them on ways in which they could gather authentic fans.

Fake “Like” selling businesses sustain losses

Selling fake “likes” is a newly grown business segment. This is done in three ways. First, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users are paid for liking the pages, and they form [part of click farms comprised of several other such users as indicated by the security guidelines of Facebook. Second, and most common is the creation of fake accounts that are not represented by any real people. Thirdly, these businesses generate fake likes from malware-affected accounts. Such accounts are termed as compromised accounts and generally do not have the consent of their users.

Now after the current moves from the social network, the businesses providing fake likes have failed drastically. They are unable to meet the assigned targets, and hence, their sales are falling severely, Cevahir informed readers.

“New advances in our pattern recognition technologies helped us halt many of the major exchanges that promote fake like activity on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) originating from click farms, fake accounts and malware,” Cevahir said.

Also Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has requested that users not to buy fake likes. Though they are tempting, they do more harm than good to a page, says Facebook.

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