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Facebook Focuses on Celebrities as Twitter Competition Increases

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Celebrities love Twitter. They love Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) too, but they really love Twitter. However, this trend may be changing soon as the world’s leading social media website has been enticing big name celebrities to use their website and it seems to be working.

Facebook Focuses on Celebrities as Twitter Competition Increases

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) competing with Twitter for celebrity presence

In order to increase celebrity usage and public content, Facebook has to take a few notes from Twitter. They have copied some of the micro-blogging site’s tools including hashtags, which are used as tags or keywords. This would help users find specific posts or images. Another useful Twitter-like feature Facebook has added is “verified user” which is used to prove to users that they’re following a legitimate celebrity.

Facebook will soon introduce a “Trending Topic” feature that shows the most current topics shared on the website. They will first test this feature out on a small number of users in the United States on the mobile website. Users will notice a banner with a particular topic, when they click on it, they will see what their friends say about the topic as well as what others are saying.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) increasing it’s celebrity service team from 4 to 10

One Facebook executive, Justin Osofsky, explained that Facebook’s goal isn’t to move away from their original mission by connecting those who already know each other. Instead, his company is trying to expand the site. He explained that many users already use Facebook to talk about current events, politics, celebrities, and more.

Earlier this year, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) expanded the team that works with stars. What used to be a small team of four is now a team of over ten. This team’s job is to primarily encourage stars to use Facebook and to teach them how to utilize best practices on the website. Over time, we should see how both social media websites fare with celebrities and which website comes out on top.


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