Facebook Brings ‘Trending Videos’ To The News Feed

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Facebook Brings 'Trending Videos' To The News Feed
The social networking giant, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has added “trending videos” as a new feature that Facebook users can add to their news feed.  The idea stem from “trending articles” as the social networking giant looks to continuously add new features to its website.

“Last month, Facebook introduced a feature called ‘trending articles’ that stuck a slideshow into your news feed of popular news articles via your friends that you might have missed. It looks like videos are now getting the same treatment, as some users have just noticed ‘trending videos’ in their news feed as well,” TheNextWeb.com said.

Facebook was able to develop this new feature using its “trends” from what videos your friends are watching and sharing on their profile, using a program called Open Graph.

The company said this was a great way to have videos re-appear on the news feed after they may have disappeared from additional updates that may have hit the news feed.

As always when there is a new feature to Facebook, users do not like it.  We saw this with the floating chat bar, cover photo, timeline, etc.  Facebook generally likes to make big changes to its site to keep it updated and keep up the flow of users that are online.

Facebook recently has taken hits from all sides since its failed IPO.  Ultimately, there were a number of issues at play that gave Facebook’s stock no chance to advance as what most investors were expecting from the stock.  Primarily, it was the increased initial price and increased float.  These two factors spooked institutional investors from participating in the IPO.  Instead, there were just a bunch of retail investors who were, in the end, side swiped and feeling mislead.

Going forward, Facebook really needs to focus on shareholder value.  Since the company has been private until just a few weeks ago, there may be a little lag on giving shareholders the attention they need.  As previously stated, some fund managers are worried that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, is too much of a “wild card” and could make big changed unexpectedly.

The bottom line is that Facebook needs to work on their image.  All these big changes and its IPO have not put them in the best spotlight and ultimately they need to put all these rumors and such to bed before they can move forward and focus on growth.

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