Facebook Agrees To Union Shuttle Bus Drivers’ Contract

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Facebook– the world’s largest social network – has approved the demands of the shuttle bus drivers who are responsible for the transportation of its employees. Around 87 of the shuttle bus drivers have been promised pay raises and other benefits by the company.

Facebook Agrees To Union Shuttle Bus Drivers' Contract

A nice gesture from Facebook

Facebook shuttle bus drivers are represented by the Teamsters Local 853 union, and on Thursday it informed the workers about the agreement approved by Facebook. The agreement is between the union group and Loop Transportation, a contractor that provides the social network with drivers, says a report from Silicon Beat.

“With this contract, Facebook drivers at Loop have made life-changing improvements, and they are paving the way for other shuttle drivers in Silicon Valley to come together and improve their lives,” said Rome Aloise, the union’s International vice president and secretary-treasurer. The average pay per hour including the split differential was $18 earlier, and in the new contract that takes effect on Monday, it has gone up to $27.50.

Apart from Facebook, shuttle drivers of other tech firms are also giving more benefits to their drivers. It has been confirmed by tech firms like Google and Apple that their shuttle drivers will be getting increased hourly pay and more benefits, as well. Facebook’s drivers joined the Teamsters in November, while drivers working for Apple, Yahoo, eBay, Zynga, Genentech and Amtrak unionized months later. The decision to unionize came after constant complaints from drivers of long work hours, unpaid stretches and low wages.

Several benefits offered

There are several benefits offered to drivers under the contract, such as 11 paid holidays, up to five weeks of paid vacation, paid bereavement leave, paid health care for full time workers and their families, guaranteed overtime and more, said a press release from the union. The approval of the new contract has left the drivers benefiting from it quite ecstatic.

The new contract has resolved several financial issues of the drivers and will also help them get over their health expenses. The drivers will no longer need to pay $1,200 a month for the health benefits, and besides this, they will also be entitled to a pay bump, eventually leading them to focus more on work with the help of the new benefits.

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