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Nine Tips For Facebook Advertising Success [Infographic]

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Ads are nothing new to mankind, and while the landscape has changed over the centuries, one of the most vital recent trends has been the importance of Facebook advertising success

For a very long time, advertising has been a part of our daily life, influencing the ways we eat, sleep and play.

Advertising is something which constantly evolves with the times, so that it can, in some way, engage with us every day.

The concept of advertising has existed for many more years than you might realise. Take a look at this really interesting infographic from Mashable which runs through the evolution of advertising from the first examples to the behemoth it is today.

This insightful post runs you through everything from the first printed ad in 1472 to the rise of the billboard, from the first electric signs in 1882 New York to the birth of online advertising.

What this really outlines is advertising’s ability to reinvent itself once a new format comes into the mainstream.

Obviously, the most influential platform in recent times has been the internet. In a relatively short space of time, the way in which we use the internet has changed massively.

The days of simply using a desktop machine are long gone. In fact, according to The Absolute Security Insider, the average person now owns over 3 portable devices.

This means advertisers have to find different ways of getting their message across on other internet platforms as well as a desktop screen.

Social Media & Advertising

One of the most powerful tools on the internet is social media. The likes of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are influential in the way that we communicate, read global events and most importantly spend our money.

There are two main difficulties facing businesses who are interested in using social media as an advertising platform.

The first is settling on which may be of the most benefit. For example, even though Instagram has a lot less users than Facebook, it is a very important platform for the promotion of fashion brands. This is because it’s an almost entirely visual app.

However, regardless of your industry, everyone should really have at least some presence on Facebook. This is because it is by far the most popular platform with over 1.86 billion monthly users according to Statista.  

The second is finding the right campaign for you. There are lots of different advertising bundles available, however, it can often be difficult for rookies to find the right one for their business.

9 Top Tips For Facebook Advertising Success

With this potentially gigantic audience awaiting you, it seems crazy not to dive into Facebook advertising.

Unfortunately, because of the two reasons mentioned above, this is how a lot of businesses spend a lot of money without seeing any sort of meaningful returns.

Thankfully, there’s an infographic that can help even the most inexperienced Facebook user create the perfect campaign for their business.

It’s called ‘9 Top Tips For Facebook Advertising Success’ and it was created by Pilot Fish Media. You can take a look at it for yourself below.

Facebook Advertising Success

Facebook Advertising Success



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