Exclusive: Brevan Howard Returns 12.12% in 2011

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Brevan Howard Master fund, a $34billion hedge fund, has returned 12% for the year, versus the average long/short hedge fund, which returned 2%.

The fund was down ~0.50% for December. The best performing month, was a 6% return in August.

The master fund was the best performer. Other fund returns cited in chart below:

Fund 2011 performance
Brevan Howard Asia Fund Limited Class A USD 8.86%
Brevan Howard Commodities Strategies Fund Limited Class A USD -2.86%
Brevan Howard Credit Catalysts Fund Limited Class A USD 1.01%
Brevan Howard Emerging Market Strategies Fund Limited Class A USD -6.13%
Brevan Howard Fund Limited Class A USD 12.12%
Brevan Howard Multi-Strategy Fund Limited Class A USD 5.17%
Brevan Howard Systematic Trading Master Fund Limited Class B USD 1.34%
Brevan Howard Investment Fund II – Macro FX Fund Class A USD 5.16%
Brevan Howard Investment Fund – Emerging Markets Local Fixed Income Fund
Class A USD 2.98%

In the later half of the year, the Fund took large long positions in G7 interest rates, with a specific concentration in European short-term and US medium-term rates. The bet paid off as the Euro crisis intensified and volatility increased.

The fund returned $2 billion in capital to shareholders in 2011 due to concerns about fund size.

The hedge fund is taking a macro view instead of trying to “second guess” politicians for 2012.



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