Exciting New Trailer Released For ‘The Last Of Us 2’ On PS4

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One of the most highly anticipated video-games of the year has been teased online, sparking considerable excitement in the gaming community. Though there is no official release date for the game yet, if The Last of Us 2 Trailer is anything to go by, fans are in for a treat when it finally comes out.

The Last of Us 2 Trailer was revealed at Sony’s Paris Games Week, and the cinematic setup is merely an indication of the game’s huge potential. Fans from all around the world are currently on the edge of their seat awaiting release, especially after witnessing The Last of Us 2 Trailer. It is prefaced on new characters which the game may be centered around, where a young woman (not Ellie) is about to be hanged, while another is taken hostage. The captor asks where the ‘other apostate’ is, and the character responds by spitting in her face. This understandably angers the captor, who proceeds to torture her while another individual remains hanging from a nous. As suspense builds, arrows fired from offscreen kill two of the captors, and the two prisoners kill the final captor having been saved by an anonymous marksman.

The marksman appears onscreen, and the main prisoner is left hanging until the other requests she is cut down, despite her not being ‘one of them’. The scene is fascinating and creates a level of intrigue with various questions to answer, and The Last of Us 2 Trailer is therefore a fantastic means of luring gamers in. The original game was one of the most popular games to be exclusively released to PS3, so when fans heard news of a sequel they were rightfully stunned.

There isn’t much information on the game, but developer Naughty Dog has confirmed Ellie is the primary playing character, not Joel. The game’s original director, Bruce Straley, won’t be returning for the sequel, but what we have learned from The Last of Us 2 Trailer is the game should be an experience for the ages, especially if the graphics are anything to go by. We can only hope the game-play matches this quality, with a storyline that has the caliber to match.

The new standard set by the PS4 is ushering in a new wave of graphically exceptional content, where animations are reaching a new level of excellence. With this being said, the gore showcased on games like these is enough to make some individuals feel slightly repulsed, where the detailed violence can be interpreted as brutal. If the same level of violence is evident throughout the game, perhaps it isn’t for you, but the chances are the trailer is an exceptional circumstance as opposed to the norm.

The original version of the game married horrific violence with a story of love, creating one of the most poignant gaming experiences imaginable. Fans are hoping to experience a similar rollercoaster of emotions with the new game, though game director Neil Druckmann remarks otherwise. He says The Last of Us 2 is a counter to the original story, exploring the hate Ellie feels on her journey.

It is difficult to judge the game on one trailer, but perhaps with the information we have so far, it’s safe to say this game isn’t for the faint-hearted. The Last of Us 2 Trailer shows a woman getting hanged while one has her arm broken in multiple places with a hammer. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, then perhaps the game isn’t for you, but for everyone else, watch out for the highly anticipated sequel!

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