The Potential Impact Of The EU Blockchain Partnership

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Following the recent news of the progress made by the EU Blockchain Partnership developing initiatives and programs to become a global leader in Distributed Ledger Technology. As such, a number of leading companies within the blockchain space comment on the potential impact of the EU Blockchain Partnership on the wider ecosystem.

A number of blockchain experts some of whom have already launched blockchain education initiatives or are directly involved in the academic space, including: Lisk; Orvium; and the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) comment below:


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Nick Cowan, CEO of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) said:

“The dedication of the EU Blockchain Partnership to create a blockchain services infrastructure that will nurture, support, and encourage industry development is an exciting step towards the mainstream adoption and usage of blockchain technology.

It is promising to see a robust commitment by developers, legislators, and investors alike to develop sustainable practices and protocols around the implementation of blockchain technology. This new initiative by the European Commission consolidates these community-led efforts to secure and strengthen blockchain services that, if harnessed and regulated correctly, have the potential to transform global methods of business and communication.

While there are still many more steps to be taken before we see the effective deployment of cross-border services, it is encouraging to see such concerted efforts being made by EU members to promote and safeguard the practical applications of blockchain.”

Thomas Schouten, Head of Marketing at Lisk said:

“It is encouraging to see the momentum behind the EU Blockchain Partnership, an initiative that will play a significant role in accelerating the adoption of blockchain in Europe. It is clear that the core features of blockchain technology can be deployed to streamline various EU processes and activities.

The emergence of Berlin, London, and Malta as vibrant hubs of blockchain innovation strengthen Europe’s aspirations to use this cutting edge technology. The European Commission should harness the strength of the healthy homegrown blockchain industry to identify the best application areas and future solutions.”

Manuel Martin, Co- Founder and CEO at Orvium said:

“As a start-up organisation in the blockchain space, we are excited to see this resounding vote of confidence in the future of blockchain technology by the European Commission. By establishing a EU Blockchain Partnership committed to implementing cross-border digital public services, we believe EU members are demonstrating their belief in the power of blockchain to enhance public services in areas of transparency, efficiency, and accessibility.

This is a promising initiative and we look forward to seeing the effect this new partnership can have on an industry that is just beginning to realise its transformative potential.”

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