Enbridge Inc Scored 75 On ESG Evaluation; Preparedness Strong

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NEW YORK (S&P Global Ratings) Dec. 7, 2020– S&P Global Ratings said today that Enbridge Inc (NYSE:ENB) scored 75 on its ESG Evaluation. On our scale, 100 indicates the lowest risk and 0 the highest. The company’s ESG Evaluation score is the result of an ESG profile of 69 combined with strong preparedness.

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Enbridge's Commitment To Its ESG-Related Goals

Enbridge is an energy infrastructure company operating in the U.S. and Canada through three core business segments: liquid pipelines; gas transmission and midstream; and gas distribution and storage. It also has a growing renewables portfolio. Enbridge's strong preparedness assessment speaks to an excellent awareness of the long-term risks and opportunities its industry faces -  such as the energy transition away from oil and toward natural gas in North America-and robust scenario planning. Enbridge has also demonstrated a commitment to its ESG-related goals and long-term decision-making through its capital spending decisions and a renumeration structure aligned to safety and achievement of environmental performance targets.

Given its vast pipeline and distribution networks, Enbridge faces exposure to environmental risks including greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and pollution as well as significant exposure to harmful leaks and spills. However, the company has a track record of setting and achieving GHG reduction targets and reducing the total volume of liquid spills from its pipelines.

Despite notable community pushback to pipeline projects in recent years, Enbridge has remained highly focused on engaging with local communities, including indigenous tribes whose land its lines cross. Enbridge emphasizes safety as a top priority, but the company and the sector as a whole have faced a number of safety-related incidents. Enbridge's high level of commitment to diversity in its workforce and effective employee engagement is a strength compared with peers.

The governance score benefits from the company's Canadian presence, as well as a very engaged and well diversified board. The company also demonstrates high transparency in ESG reporting and discloses a higher-than-average number of material ESG metrics than many global peers.

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