Elon Musk – 8 Keys To Success

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Please write out your own interpretation of Elon Musk’s Keys To Success in the comment section! (generic answers given at the end of the video) Elon Musk

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Tesla Model 3 Launch Event Eight Ideas That Led To His Successes in Business: 1 0:00 - a lot of it is execution (and Hard Work) 0:20 - but also take feedback and try to improve 2 1:03 innovation comes from questioning the way things have been done before 1:18 try to get your customers to help you 3 2:56 get profits (Interesting Advice coming from Elon Musk) 4 3:58 substance over show 5 4:21 be good with the details 6 5:35 first principles thinking 7 6:39 try to be practical 8:54 having a purpose does make easier to attract talent 8 10:00 finding the leverage

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