Ebola Impact On Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation Stock

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By Carly Forster

Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NASDAQ:TKMR) is a Vancouver, Canada based bio-pharmaceutical company who is a known world leader in RNA Interference (RNAi) delivery technology. The company focuses on novel RNAi-based product candidates.

Tekmira Pharmaceuticals in the News

Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NASDAQ:TKMR) was trading up almost 40% higher than normal last week due to investors’ high hopes that United States health agencies will approve a drug that the company has been developing to treat the Ebola virus: TKM Ebola. However, on Monday, August 4th it was reported that two Americans infected with the Ebola virus in Liberia were being treated with a drug created by San Diego, California based company, Mapp Biopharmaceuticals. As a result of the competition, Tekmira finished the day down 7%.

What Does This Mean For Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Stock?

On August 4th, Maxim Group analyst Jason Kolbert maintained a BUY rating for Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NASDAQ:TKMR) with a $23 price target. He reasoned, “Tekmira’s Ebola program has shown 100% efficacy in animal models. While efforts are underway to finalize a dosing and clear a related FDA hold, we believe the exceptional circumstances may result in regulators expediting the TKM-Ebola project”. He continued, “Since Ebola is highly infectious with a short incubation period of a few days and has a high mortality rate, we believe that TKM-Ebola should qualify to progress through the Animal Rule pathway, similar to products approved through this pathway for the bubonic plague and anthrax.” Kolbert has a +6.1% average return on all stocks and a 56% success rate in making recommendations, according to TipRanks. He also has a +25.5% average return on Tekmira stock.

On the other hand, on August 4th Thestreet.com blogger Adam Feuerstein was not so optimistic about Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NASDAQ:TKMR). He believes traders who are buying TKMR because of the Ebola crisis  “picked the wrong horse” because he thinks privately held Mapp Biopharmaceuticals beat them to an effective treatment. Feuerstein has a +1.7% average return on all stocks and a 46% success rate in making recommendations. He also has a -4.3% average return on Tekmira stock.


Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NASDAQ:TKMR) is working hard to perfect a viable treatment for the Ebola virus, but with competition from other companies, is now the time to add them to your portfolio? Who do you you trust?

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