The Biggest Announcements From E3 2017

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For gamers everywhere the excitement has not yet dissipated as E3 2017 – the biggest and best show the industry has to offer – offered plenty of exciting announcements as promised, about the next big things in the world of gaming.

The eyes of the world were on the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 13 to 15 – with tickets snapped up and hotels in Downtown LA packed out in expectation (if you’re heading to next year’s event, it might be a good idea to book your stay now).

So, now that E3 2017 is over, what should we be getting excited about?

E3 2017 – key highlights below

The Xbox One X

Working under the previous codename ‘Project Scorpio’, Microsoft unveiled that they were bringing a new high end console to the market at E3 to rival the PS4 Pro. It’s going to be pricey though with an estimated cost of £449.99. The console has been designed to embrace 4K, with 9GB of memory dedicated to games and 3GB for the system itself. The hard drive itself is defaulted at 1TB, making it a machine capable of coping with most gaming needs. For those who like to live stream players can capture gameplay live in full 4K as well.

DLCs and expansions

Naughty Dog might have kept us guessing when it came to the Last of Us 2 and not revealing a new trailer or any gameplay updates but they instead decided to focus on their side story game Uncharted: The Lost Legacy minus Nathan Drake but featuring instead treasure hunters Chloe and Nadine. It will still be the usual fast packed, action adventure game the studio is famous for but its female protagonists are something to be excited about and while it’s a shorter game, it’s an excellent way of continuing the Uncharted story after Drake’s semi retirement at the end of the fourth instalment.

Guerrilla Games also revealed their first DLC for the PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn – named Frozen Wilds and featuring a whole new story for Aloy to play out. The game saw huge success after release, with its strong storyline and innovative upgrading features and gameplay, if you’re a fan this DLC is worth downloading. Release is expected autumn 2017.

New Super Mario release

The iconic Italian plumber is back with another 3D instalment in Super Mario Odyssey and he’s heading all over the world. The gameplay looks to be a fun mix of third person controls and platform performances, meaning you’ll feel a sense of nostalgia while playing at points.

Mario also has a new trick where he can control his enemies using his hat, which makes for really fun gameplay as you get to try new weaponry and fighting styles throughout the game. However, you’re going to need a Nintendo Switch to play and with new DLCs being released as well for the Zelda Breath of the Wild game, it might be worth making that investment.

PS4 Exclusives

As well as Horizon’s DLC, Sony also unveiled a new Spider-Man game to coincide with the release of its latest film installment. Exclusive content for Destiny 2 is also on the cards in the future and another God of War game is being released. Click here to read up on the best games Sony unveiled at this year’s event.

These are just some of the highlights E3 2017 had to offer but definitely ones to make note of for future reference!

Article by Jessica Foreman

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