DTEK50, Hub+ Suite Beta Programs Added to BlackBerry Beta Zone

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BlackBerry is adding Hub+ Suite and DTEK50 beta programs via Beta Zone, as announced on BlackBerry Beta Zone. So if you own a DTEK50 and have an updated BlackBerry Beta Zone profile, you may get an email from the company asking you to be part of the DTEK50 Android beta program, says CrackBerry.

DTEK50 added to BlackBerry Beta Zone

For users who have yet to update their profiles, the Canadian firm says it will send invites later.

“We’re gearing up to launch the private DTEK50 on Android M beta program. If you have purchased a DTEK50, make sure to update your profile (in My Profile) to get an invite,” the announcement reads.

In the announcement, BlackBerry said it has moved out app downloads. To accommodate non-BlackBerry device users in beta testing the apps, they have decided to split the app beta testing into its own program.  A user is not required to fill in the new opt-in survey, as they are already added to the new BlackBerry Hub+ Suite beta program if they had completed the opt-in survey using their Google account.

As of now, the program is private except for those who have received an invitation. But over the next week or so, the BlackBerry Hub+ Suite program will be open to all, notes CrackBerry.

“If you’re interested in joining the app testing program, watch for it to open up publicly over the next week or so,” the Canadian firm said.

When is Android 7.0 coming to your device?

Google has released Android’s next version, Nougat, sooner than expected, saying it is now arriving on its own Nexus handsets. It must be noted that Google has yet to launch any new Nexus hardware. Since Google has already released the new version, it remains to be seen when Android-based handset makers will make the version available to their users.

As of now, there is no information from BlackBerry on when it will make Nougat available to Priv or DTEK50 owners. But it has promised a boost in the security of the handsets when the update arrives, notes The Inquirer.

Meanwhile HTC has confirmed that it will bring Android 7.0 Nougat to its HTC 10 in the fourth quarter. After this, it will make it available for the One A9 and HTC One M9, notes The Inquirer.

On Thursday, BlackBerry stock closed up 0.5% at $7.98. Year to date, the stock is down almost 15%, while in the last year, it is up almost 12%.

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